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San Marco Davenport Kitchen Tap Valve and Handle Set

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Davenport Handle, Valve and Screw. Available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel.

This set is compatible with any of the Davenport versions so even if you don’t know which Davenport valve you have (once you are satisfied that you have the Davenport Tap – see picture below) then this valve and handle will fit in the Davenport Tap (even if you have an earlier Davenport model that had a different Valve). See below for futher background information on the Davenport Valve changes.

San Marco Davenport Tap

San Marco Davenport Tap

The Valve will have San Marco or SMR etched on it.


San Marco Davenport Kitchen Tap Valve and Handle

The San Marco Davenport Kitchen Tap Valve and Handle (plus screw) available in Chrome or Brushed Nickel Finish.
The valve that is supplied with this ‘handle and valve’ set is the latest Davenport Valve, the 3602R. There were 2 earlier valve versions but once you are replacing the handles as well as the valves, then this set will work with any version of the Davenport Tap.

Measurements 1212R

  • Overall height: 50mm
  • Nut Height: 8mm
  • Diameter at thread: 21mm
  • Splines: 20
1212R-C (cold Valve shown here).

1212R-Cold (Cold Valve shown here).

Measurements 3602R

  • Overall height: 50mm
  • Nut Height: 6mm
  • Diameter at thread: 21mm
  • Splines: 28
San Marco Davenport Cartridge Cold

3602R – Cold (Cold Valve shown here)


The Davenport is on its 3rd Valve variation c.2009 but for short period before that it was on the 2nd valve variation. We do not have this 2nd valve variation in stock.
If your Valve has 20 splines and nut height is 7mm – you will have to order new handles as well as valves as this valve has been discontinued. If you have the first Valve version, the 1212R, then we do have handles compatible with the 1212R valve here.

If you have the 28 spline, 3602R valve, then there has been a modification to this valve. The latest genuine version of this valve, which we will be sending if you order the 3602R, issued from October 2021, looks a little different from previous versions of this valve (including the one in your own tap) but is the genuine replacement / new version 3602R. See picture below

3602R Valve New Style


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