Brushed or Chrome Kitchen Taps

For convenience we have come up with a summary table of the appropriate colour finishes of kitchen Taps (i.e. whether chrome kitchen tap or a brushed nickel kitchen tap) that would go with all the Carron Phoenix Stainless Steel Sink Ranges (see below).



Polished kitchen sink → chrome kitchen tap.

This way you are matching the shiny chrome of the kitchen tap to the polished finish of your sink.

In the first example you have the polished finish of the Carron Phoenix Isis 150 with the Carron Phoenix Maya Kitchen Tap in chrome.

The second example shows the Carron Phoenix Polished Lavella Kitchen Sink with the San Marco Elmira Tap in chrome.

You can see that the polish of these sinks is so shiny that a brushed nickel kitchen tap would not look right with a polished kitchen sink.



Not as Polished / more grain in the stainless steel Kitchen Sink → Chrome kitchen tap OR Brushed Nickel Kitchen Tap.

The beauty of a sink like this that falls in between truly polished or truly ‘stainless steel’ means that you can put either finish of a kitchen tap with your sink and it will still look really well.

Sometimes a sink is described as ‘polished’ but due to the grain in the stainless steel a brushed nickel kitchen tap could look equally well with it. By grain, we don’t mean that the stainless steel is inferior, it may well be that it is a thicker stainless steel, e.g. the Vela, or just produced differently, e.g. the Adelphi. If you love the look of stainless steel then this might be more appealing to you than a more polished sink.

In the first example on the left we have the Carron Phoenix Maui Kitchen Sink with the the San Marco Vegas Kitchen Tap in a brushed nickel finish. In the second example we have the Carron Phoenix Zeta Kitchen Sink paired with the Carron Phoenix Dante Kitchen Tap in the two finishes (Brushed Nickel on the left and Chrome on the right).

You can see that either Tap finish matches this particular sink.



Matt finish / all grain in the stainless steel Kitchen Sink → Brushed Nickel kitchen tap.

Matt refers to a brushed steel finish (patina) and is an intentional finish. My recommendation is that you put a Brushed Nickel finish tap with this Matt finished sink. and thereby the two components blend seamlessly together.

In this example on the left you have the Carron Phoenix Vela Kitchen Sink with the Carron Phoenix Lucida Kitchen Tap in Brushed Steel (Kitchen being renovated – unfinished in picture).



Undermount stainless steel sink – whether polished or matt → Any kitchen tap finish.

As the kitchen tap never comes into direct contact with the sink (the tap is situated usually in the worktop) it doesn’t matter what finish you use.


If there is any particular Tap in our range that you would like to see paired with a Carron Phoenix Stainless Steel Sink, then just email us. We will also be putting up blogs in our ‘Matching Series’ showing quick (amateur !) snaps of sinks and taps together before we ship to also help you with your selection.

Summary Guide

Matching Carron Phoenix Stainless Steel Sinks with right Tap finish
  • Vela Inset Sink Range: Chrome Tap Finish or Brushed Nickel (but we would recommend Brushed Nickel here)
  • Isis Inset Sink Range: Chrome Tap Finish
  • Isis Undermount Sink Range: Chrome Tap & Brushed Nickel Tap Finish
  • Adelphi Sink Range: Chrome & Brushed Steel Tap Finish
  • Deca / Tetra Undermount Sink Range: Chrome & Brushed Steel Tap Finish
  • Zeta Sink Range (Inset & Undermount): Chrome & & Brushed Nickel Tap Finish
  • Lavella Inset Sink Range: Chrome Tap Finish
  • Lavella Undermount Sink Range: Chrome Tap & Brushed Nickel Tap Finish
  • Cuba Sink Range: Chrome Tap Finish
  • Maui Sink Range: Brushed Nickel Tap Finish
  • Aria Range: Chrome Tap Finish
  • Contessa Range: Chrome Tap Finish or & Brushed Steel Finish
  • Pacific 150: ChromeTap Finish

 For our complete range of Kitchen Taps that have been manufactured for the UK, visit this link – Kitchen Taps at Taps and Sinks Online.

Why buy from us?
We are a specialist online store that stocks a selected range of products that we can provide all the technical information on and troubleshoot any problems associated with (no matter how old). We have been selling Carron Phoenix Sink and Taps for 30 years and San Marco Kitchen Taps for 20 years. Not only do we stock the spare parts but our technical department can troubleshoot most problems for you – no matter how old or new your kitchen sink or tap is. Excellent After Sales Service is an intrinsic part of our Customer Care ethos.

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