Cooke and Lewis Spare Parts Guide

We do not do ANY  Genuine Spare Parts for the Cooke and Lewis Taps and only do Compatible Valves for the 3 Taps listed below.  If your Tap is not in this list below then we do not have the Part . We write this to save your time.

‘Genuine’ means that it comes directly from the Manufacturer of your Kitchen Tap.   A Compatible part is a part that is a copy of the Genuine Part.

Our Genuine Tap Parts come from Italy and the UK.

  • A compatible Tap Part can never be the Part that the manufacturer of your tap used in your tap.
  • A compatible Tap Part can never be tried and tested on a production line of the Tap model that uses your Tap Part as part of the development and production process of your Tap.
  • A compatible Tap Part can never be the Part that the Manufacturer of your Tap continues to use in their ongoing production of your Tap and other Taps they make.

Occasionally we do some Compatible Valves (but no other Compatible Parts ) but this is a pretty rare occurence, and only came about due to some Customers being unable to source a Valve for their Tap and requesting us to see if, amongst our own stock, we can supply a part that will fit.
Here are the few Cooke and Lewis Taps that we only stock Compatible Valves for and you can find them all here & we have also listed individually below for your convenience.



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