FAQ 1: About Water Pressure (How do I know which Tap is suitable for my water pressure)?

In the product specification of each tap we have listed the water pressure requirement for each tap.  Beside this, in the Tab ‘Downloads / Technical Spec’ we have also listed the individual manufacturers guide to the minimum water pressure that is required to ensure the proper working of your Kitchen Tap.  Please use these water pressure guides alongside the water pressure in your home.

Water pressure in your home:

If you have a traditional hot water cylinder, the pressure will be determined by Gravity only.  Measure the height from the bottom of your cold water storage tank to your kitchen tap.  The longer the drop / height, the more water pressure you will have (this explains why some bungalows have low water pressure on the hot water side (coming from their tank in the attic).

If you have a combi-boiler these usually provide a good level of water pressure; usually between 1.5 to 2 bar with an average mains pressure coming in to your house.

Please note that these are general guides about water pressure and if in doubt it is up to you consult a plumber.


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