How to measure your Valve

Valve Blueprint Guide

Valve Blueprint Guide

We put up measurements of all our valves for you to check your valve against ours before buying it. The blueprint here shows what part of the valve we are referring to in our measurements so that you can measure yours.

This can be useful where you do NOT know the name or brand of your Kitchen Tap OR you have some information, but not enough to know whether or not your valve was modified or changed over the years a tap is in production.

Don’t forget to also email us a picture of your Tap. Email all details to

If you already know the name of your tap, or the brand, then take a look at our Tap Spare Parts Section as they are listed by Brand as well as part number.

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  1. Kevin Gillibrand February 9, 2016

    I have a pre 2007 Franke Davos Mixer Tap approx date supplied 2000, do you stock hot/cold valves for this earlier model if so what price are they.

    Best regards
    Kevin Gillibrand

    • Alice February 10, 2016

      Hi Kevin, No we do not stock spare parts for this Davos version. We only stock the current Davos Valve 1427R and the measurements are up on the product link. Best regards


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