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We used post up Reviews of the Kitchen Sinks that we stocked. Due to the ramifications of selling Sinks to UK post Brexit, we no longer sell many Kitchen Sinks on our Website. We prefer to concentrate more on what we are good at i.e selling Genuine Tap Parts and Genuine Sink Parts to our Customers. We have built up that expertise over 40 years.

However, if you are buying a Kitchen Sink (and it is an important purchase because it is not a Kitchen Appliance that you are going to change frequently (due to cost of the Sink, the cost of having to perhaps change a worktop etc) it is important to consider this purchase before buying.

We have a blog post here that might be of help : Kitchen Layout mistakes and effect on choice of Sink and Tap
and also here are some general ‘Review Tips’ that might assist you :
Check online resources, such as consumer review websites and home improvement forums, that may offer valuable insights and feedback on various kitchen sinks. It’s always a good idea to research and compare different options, read reviews from other customers, and consider the functionality, design, and durability of the sink before making a purchase. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the sink fits and works well with your countertop and plumbing configuration. Consulting with a professional kitchen contractor or designer may also provide expert advice on selecting the best kitchen sink for your needs.

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