My Franke Triflow Filterflow Kubus Tap is dripping

Triflow Kubus Tap from Franke

Triflow Kubus Tap from Franke (Discontinued Spring 2011)

Filterflow Kubus Tap from Franke

Filterflow Kubus Tap from Franke

If your Franke Triflow Kubus Tap is dripping from the Spout then you need to replace the valves.

Your Franke Triflow Kubus Tap or Franke Filterflow Kubus Tap takes 3 valves (1 hot and 2 cold).  The Triflow version was discontinued Spring 2011 and replaced by the Filterflow version.  They have different parts.

Triflow or Filterflow ? It is easy check which version you have:

Franke Triflow Kubus Lever Detail

Triflow Kubus Lever Detail

The Triflow valve has 20 Splines and only one set of threads below the black rubber O Ring, whereas the Filterflow valve has 28 Splines and two sets of threads, one above the black rubber O Ring and one below it.

If your Tap is leaking from the Hot side then usually replacing the hot valve will solve this. It is a little bit trickier if your Tap is dripping from the cold side – which is dripping – filtered cold or mains cold or both ?

If you don’t know whether is is the Mains Cold OR Filtered Cold valve that needs replacing (or both?) you could buy 2 cold, try one (same one) in mains first and if still dripping then switch the new valve into the filtered side and if still dripping then chances are both mains and filtered are dripping (reason why I am advising to try the ONE new valve in both mains and filtered is because once you fit one of our valves then you cannot return it – whereas you can return any unused valve for a refund).

The triflow version was discontinued spring 2011.

Here below are the details for the Triflow Model.

Franke Triflow Kubus Parts




















9.030617 – G ¼ m X ¼ Push fit connector – used to connect the green tube to the plastic housing

9.030618 – G ¼ m x 3/8 Push fit connector – used to connect the blue tube to the plastic housing


9.280403 green tube – ¼ x 1m green hose that connects to the plastic Triflow housing

9.280408 blue tube – 3/8 x 1m blue hose that connects the plastic hoses to the stop valve ( FR9502)



Valve and Vernier Insert Changing Procedure for the Franke Kubus  Mixer Tap.

(For ease of use this guide shows only 2 handles but the procedure is the same for all 3 handles of your tap)

It should be an easy matter to change the Valve and Vernier Insert if you follow these simple instructions and refer to the diagram below.

1) Turn off the water supplies to the mixer tap. Place plug in to waste to prevent loss of small pieces.

2) Pull the handle firmly towards you, and also at the same time slightly upwards to remove the handle from the tap



3)  The Vernier Insert B may be left inside the Handle A or remain on the Valve C. Remove and replace if damaged.

5) Please go to stage 9 if replacing the Vernier Insert B only.


Note: When changing valves note that two valves can be used. One valve has a grove around which represents the HOT valve, whilst the COLD valve is plain (See diagram). Before removing the valve the mixer, check that the valve supplied is a suitable replacement.

7) Unscrew Valve C using a 17mm or adjustable spanner.

8) Fit new Valve C to body and tighten firmly. Recommended torque setting 15Nm.

9) Slide Vernier Insert B onto Valve C.

10) Slide Handle A onto Vernier Insert B, just enough to see if it is correctly orientated.

11) To get the exact alignment with the other handle on the tap it may be necessary to remove the Vernier Insert C and turn a few splines until correct alignment can be achieved.

12) Once alignment has been achieved the Handle A can now be pushed back over Vernier Insert B..

14) Your tap should now be ready for use, turn on supply and check carefully for any leaks.

Triflow Kubus close up detail for Spare Parts


Franke Kubus Triflow

FRFR9762 / FR9763/FR9764

Overall Height: 53mm
Diameter at thread:  21mm
No of Splines (teeth at top):  20
Nut Height:  8mm

Franke Kubus Filterflow SP3561
(previously listed by manufacturer as 1427R
Same valve, just name change)

Brass Valve with ceramic discs.
Overall height: 53mm
Nut Height: 8mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
No of Splines (teeth at the top): 28
Height of Splines: 10mm




If your tap is dripping where the spout meets the base then you need to replace the O Ring Kit

Use the information above to see which Tap it is.



If you have a non Filterflow Tap e.g. the Franke Kubus Tap, here are the Spare Parts that we stock.

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  1. Tim February 14, 2020


    Can you give a little bit more info on removal of the trifle kudus tap (earlier version). When you say pull the tap towards you … which direction is this … away from the centre of the tap body? Is this a frictions fit? How much force should be required … or does the lift release stab of sorts?


    • Alice February 14, 2020

      HI Tim, it might be advisable to call in a plumber lest you damage your tap. The guide given here is the guide that comes from the manufacturer of your Tap. I don’t know how it can be more clearly explained. Step ‘2) “Pull the handle firmly towards you” would mean to turn it in the direction that you turn it on, “and also at the same time slightly upwards to remove the handle from the tap”. The last thing that you want to happen is that you damage your handle in the removal of the handle if you do not know how to do this.

  2. Ashworth November 11, 2017

    Pleas reply to john Evans were is the grub screw

    • Ashworth November 11, 2017

      We’re is the grub screw

      • Alice November 11, 2017

        Blog now amended to include all details

  3. John Evans June 1, 2017

    My Franke Kubus tap is dripping from the spout. I guess I will need to replace the valves but am not sure how to get at them as there is not a grub screw holding the handle end in place. Do I just unscrew the lever and pull?

    • Alice June 1, 2017

      Hi John, which Franke Kubus do you have ? the Triflow version or the standard version? There should be a screw to undo the handle to get at the valve. This blog post should help you :

      • Alice November 11, 2017

        For the Franke Triflow Kubus
        Pull the handle firmly towards you, and also at the same time slightly upwards to remove the handle from the tap

        Please note that we cannot take any responsibility for any advice as these are just guides and we always recommend that if in doubt, consult a plumber.

    • Ashworth November 11, 2017

      I having the same problem as john Evans we’re is the grub screw

      • Alice November 11, 2017

        Answered now.

  4. sian October 6, 2016

    i can’t get the tap to now fit back into body after replacing the O rings – please can you help?

    • Alice October 6, 2016

      Hi, if you give me your Order Number I will check out the product details and advise you.


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