Your own Old Valve is different from the New Valve you ordered

Your own Old Valve is different from the Valve you ordered:

If you remove your own Valve and you find that it is different from the Valve you purchased from us, before putting your own Valve back in,

  1. Pictures: please take pictures of YOUR valve beside the New Valve and send them to us
  2. Can you also measure the height of your OWN valve.  Sometimes it is something as simple as the Brass Bush coming out on the Old valve and so it looks entirely different from the New Valve
  3. Or you have a different version of the valve in your own tap e.g you have the one threaded version but you ordered the two threaded version (and then we can tell you whether to go ahead and fit the version you have purchased from us or return)
  4. OR you have ordered the wrong valve
  5. Or on very rare occasions, we might make a shipping error).  But at least if you take the pictures you can send us the information for us to assist you.

If pictures are taken when you have your own valve out and our new valve there, plus the simple height measurement, it can save a lot of your time and effort afterwards.


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