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Carron Phoenix Dante Tripure Tap Spout

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Current Spout Code is 3850R (with 4 O Rings, O Ring Kit 3668R).

You might have the earlier Spout, 3666R for Tripure Taps to 2019 (which has 3 O Rings, 1260R O Ring Kit), but irrespective of when your own Tap was produced / number of O Rings the Current Spout 3850R is the correct spout for All Production Dates of this Dante Tripure Tap.

Available in Chrome or Brushed Nickel (SS) finish.

See below for more information before purchasing and explanation for additional O Ring.


Carron Phoenix Dante Tripure Tap Spout

Question: I have the pre 2019 older Dante Tripure Tap that took the earlier Spout 3666R. Will there be issues fitting the new Improved Spout 3850R ?
Answer: No issues at all – the later Spout 3850R that is in current Dante Tripure Tap is perfectly compatible with the older (earlier) model.


    • The original Dante Tripure Tap had the Spout 3666R which came with the O Ring Kit 1260R i.e 3 O Rings.
    • From 2019 the manufacturer of this Tap has added an additional small white ptfe ring (i.e 1260R O Ring Kit + extra small white O Ring = 3668R O Ring Kit) . New Code for this Spout with 3668R O Ring Kit is 3850R
    • They have been making this change to all Spouts for all models that take a grub screw. Even if you have the older Spout with only the 3 O Rings, the New Spout with 4 O Rings is the correct Spout for your Dante Tripure Tap , irrespective of when your own Tap was produced.
    • See here below for the older Spout 3666R and the newer Spout 3850R.  Yes, one looks longer, but it makes no difference as there is space in your own older Tap to accommodate the new extended spout internally.
      Spout 3850R and 3666R with 3668R and 1260R O Ring Kit

      New Tripure Spout 3850R BN and Old Tripure Spout 3666R Chrome


      This is a Spout Part and not the complete Tap. We discount all of our Brand New Genuine Spouts in case our checkers / shippers miss a tiny blemish. Our Spouts are Sourced directly from the Manufacturer of your Tap. Below is an example of a tiny mark on a Spout.

      Examples of marks silksteel spouts


      This Product listed here is new Replacement Spout Only. It is not a complete new Tap.

      This is a Genuine Spare Part.

      Detailed Shipping / Returns information can be found here.
      In Brief:
      - Small items only by Post: £3.50 Can take currently up 7-10 working days.
      - Courier Delivery DPD Track & Trace: £5.50 Usually takes c. 2-3 working days.
      - BREXIT: No additional charges on delivery once your Order before shipping charges is less than £135.


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