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Franke Planar Tap Valve



Franke Planar Tap Valve

Please read our Blog My Franke Planar Tap is dripping as there are different valves used in the manufacturing history of this Tap and includes a Tip to access the Valve. We would also recommend that you read all the information below too before ordering. If your Tap is dripping where the Spout meets the Base you might need to replace your Franke Planar Tap O Ring Kit 3617R.


Franke Planar Tap Valve

All our valves are genuine, sourced from your Tap manufacturer.

The Franke Planar has been modified over the years in production.
We would strongly recommend that prior to ordering the Valve, you remove your own Valve and compare it to the pictures below. This will tell you which Valve you have.

There are 3 valve versions and the earlier valve has 20 splines (for which we would supply our 3549R valve) and the later models (post 02/2008) have  28 splines (valve 2307R (4276R) and latest one, 3547R). The manufacturer of the Planar Tap recommends that the two threaded 2307R valve (aka 1427r/2552r) be used as the replacement valve even if your own valve has the 28 spline vavles with one thread (3547r). In addition to this, the other issue to check for is the Bush, as this comes out in some cases stuck to your valve and if that is the case, you might also need to replace this too. We have included lots of pictures below to assist you in identifying which valve you have (20 splines or 28 splines) and what a valve inside a bush looks like. Please check all of these pictures before you order. At a minimum, if you don’t have your own installation guide (and we mean the one that came with YOUR tap, not one downloaded from the internet) then remove your own handle and check to see the number of splines, and then order accordingly. We would also recommend ordering a bush as you can return if not needed.

Here is our Guide How to remove the Handle on your Kitchen Tap.  Here is our Guide 7 easy steps to replace kitchen tap valve. With Valve changeovers in production we cannot know What valve is in your tap. The changeover happened c.2007 BUT we cannot be responsible for the wrong valve being ordered if you do not check what valve you actually have in advance.

You have the earliest 20 spline valve :
If your valve looks like this below, order the 3549R

old Planar Valve

Old Planar Valve with 20 splines

old planar valve bush 3549R sp3886

Old planar valve bush 3549R sp3886


You have the 28 spline valve if your valve looks like either the earlier two threaded 2307R (aka 4276R) 

2307R Valve Cold

2307R Valve (AKA 4276R ) Cold Shown here

2307R valve and 3886R brass bush together

2307R valve and 3886R brass bush together

or your valve looks like the later 28 spline one threaded valve 3547R here. [Remember, if you have the one threaded 3547R valve , we will ship the earlier 2307R (4276R) valve with two threads as advised by the Planar Tap manufacturer.

SMR 3547R H

SMR 3547R Valve , Hot shown here.

old 3547R valve with 3886R brass bush

old 3547R valve with 3886R brass bush


Please note that whether you have the earlier two threaded 1427r (AKA 2307R, 2552R or 4276R) valve or the later one threaded 3547r, the manufacturer of your Tap has recommended that the 1427R two threaded valve be used as a replacement valve [this is due to a modification of the 3547R current valve]. The 1427R valve comes with a white seal underneath . This picture here shows you the difference between the 3547r and the 1427r(4276r). They may look different, but they are the same in the measurements that matter, and this is the valve recommended anyhow by the manufacturer of your Tap

SMR 3547R 4276R

SMR 3547R 4276R


IF you have an earlier Valve with 20 Splines:
SMR Ceramic Disc Quarter Turn Valve 20 Splines 3549R

Measurements 3549R
Overall height : 45.65mm
Diameter at thread: 22mm
Splines: 20
Height of Splines: 4mm


Franke Planar Tap Valve from c. 02/2008 onwards

Measurements 2307R  (4276R)
Overall height: 53mm
Nut Height: 8mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
Splines: 28
Height of Splines: 10mm

Spare Tap Parts 2552R

Spare Tap Parts 2552R (4276R) – Cold Valve shown here


Due to modifications in this Tap by the manufacturer over the years, we supply the original white sealed version of this valve (larger seal underneath). We use code 4276R to distinguish from later valve used in the Tap which has a coloured flatter seal. This is a genuine Spare Part. Parts are labelled Hot & Cold. If opened and you cannot tell apart, as both Hot & Cold Valves have white seals underneath: the Hot valve opens Clockwise and has nicks on the side of the nut. The Cold Valve opens Anticlockwise and has no nicks.


Measurements 3547R (for which you will receive 2307R(4276R) based on the Planar Tap manufacturer recommendations.
Overall height: 53mm
Nut Height: 6mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
Splines: 28
Height of Splines: 11mm

Franke Tap Valve SP3547

Franke Tap Valve SP3547


A NEW Brass Bush might be required if you are replacing your Tap Valve and the Brass Bush Part has come away with your old valve i.e. your old valve is stuck inside (stuck to) the Brass Bush. If you cannot separate the Brass Bush from your old valve then you will need a new one.

Used SP3547 Valve inside Brass Bush SP3886

Used SP3547 Valve inside Brass Bush SP3886


2307R Valve inside Brass Bush with lip 3886R

2307R Valve inside Brass Bush with lip 3886R

2307R valve and 3886R brass bush separate

2307R Valve (aka 3561R) and 3886R Brass Bush

2307R valve and 3886R brass bush together

2307R valve (aka 3561R) and 3886R brass bush together


We stock the 3549R which will work as a substitute of the small valve on the right that is discontinued. Old Franke Planar Valve (Right ) . Order 3549R Valve as it will be compatible. Current Planar Valve (Left) is available in Store.

Old Franke Planar Valve (Right ) Order 3549R Valve as it will be compatible and made by same manufacturer as Current Planar Tap. 2307R Valve (Left) is available in Store, and the latest Valve SP3547 is also available in Store.

2307R Valve inside Brass Bush with lip 3886R

2307R Valve inside Brass Bush with lip 3886R

If your Tap is dripping from the Spout then you might need to change your Valves. Here is our Guide 7 Easy Steps to replace Kitchen Tap Valve. If your Tap is dripping where the Spout meets the Base you might need to replace your Franke Planar Tap O Ring Kit 3617R.


Parts might be modified by the manufacturers as part of their continual improvements. We cannot always guarantee that a part will fit an older version of a product. All spare parts that do not fit can be returned for a refund excluding shipping costs.

We ship from Ireland.
Current Shipping Times
{Prevent unnecessary delays - Put in correct details at Checkout} :

ROI / NI approx 2 days delivery by Courier (Post might take longer).  GB: It currently takes approx 1 week for goods, once dispatched with DPD, to be delivered.  But it can occasionally take longer than this which is outside of our / DPD control (customs clearance following Brexit has increased shipping times). Occasionally, when volumes very high , it can take longer.  It will take longer by Post.  Click here for more detailed information about all Shipping & Returns.

Shipping Costs (P&P):

Post (Not trackable) £2/£3.50 / Courier (Trackable) £5/£7:   We make no profit from Shipping (what we charge for Couriers does not even cover full cost).  For very small items: Screws, O Ring Kits, Aerators & some Bushes, we Post (£2/£3.50) .   Where we Post, and you have been incorrectly charged Courier Rate £5/£7, we will refund the excess shipping charge to you.  Some Bushes due to size cannot be posted.  Shipping costs include VAT and costs of packaging.  If you do not want a small item posted, but would prefer it to be Couriered, please email us when you have placed your order as you might be required to pay an additional charge to cover the increased Shipping Costs.   For UK Offshore Islands:

Where we Ship to ?:

We are currently only shipping to England, Scotland, Wales, NI and ROI. We are currently unable for logistical & customs reasons to ship to Channel Islands, Isle of Man or any Isles off mainland GB. All we can suggest is that you might be able to have the Order shipped to GB and from the there get it shipped on to your own address if it is one of the destinations that we currently do not ship to. BREXIT:

Brexit will have no financial impact on our GB customers once your Order is less than £135.

There will be No Vat on Imports, No Customs Charges, No extra or hidden charges once your Total Order is less than £135.  We will remind you again about this at the Checkout stage before you complete (pay) for your Order.  For further details please see our Brexit section here.


Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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