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Franke Professional Monobloc Tap Valve 1290R

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Franke Professional Monobloc Tap Valve 1290R Chrome/White/Brown : Production Date (approx.) : 1992 – Oct 2002. See below for more information.
As it’s a compression valve the same valve is suitable for both hot and cold side of your kitchen tap.


If your Kitchen Tap is dripping from the Spout and you do not know what valve you require, then take CLICK below on the link 'I don't know what Valve I need to fix my dripping Tap' and Email us the information outlined in this blog post together with a picture of your tap we will help you identify the valve for you.

I don’t know what valve I need to fix my dripping tap?



Franke Professional Monobloc Tap Valve

This Tap had two different Valves, with one thread 1254R or with two threads 1290R.  Either will fit in your Tap.  Here we will supply the 1290R with threads but if your own valve has one set of threads, that is not of any issue.

Measurements Height Diameter at thread Splines Nut Height Threads

San Marco Spare Part 1254R

1254R Valve

48mm 21mm 24 6mm One

San Marco Spare Part 1290R Valve

San Marco Spare Part 1290R Valve Compression Valve 24 Splines

49mm 21mm 24 8mm Two


No of Splines (teeth at top): 24

See our Troubleshooting guide in the tab above for common tap problems and solutions.

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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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