San Marco Elmira Pull Out Hose Water Pressure Query

Query from a customer on 13th May 2013 regarding the suitability of the Elmira Pull Out Hose with a combi boiler uk and mains water pressure of 1 bar only ‘Is that ok for this tap?’

Answer: YES

For the Elmira Pull Out Hose Kitchen Tap to work effectively you need minimum 0.8 bar on the cold side and 0.8 bar on the hot side.

In a combi boiler situation usually the water pressure on both sides is the same e.g. here the customer has 1 bar water pressure so has has even more water pressure than the minimum required.

If in doubt get a qualified plumber to check the water pressure on both sides for you.

In general:
The Hot Water pressure is the one to be most concerned about as it is usually weaker than the COLD.

Where water pressure is an issue i.e. you don’t have the minimum water pressure of 0.8 bar, then you could consider the San Marco Emporia Pull Out Hose Kitchen Tap which works on lower water pressure as it is a two lever tap (The Elmira has one single side lever).

The Emporia requires a minimum of 0.5 bar water pressure on the hot water side.

For more information see our trouble shooting blog low water pressure on the hot water side of your kitchen tap

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