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We get asked a lot about Astracast Jordan Taps.

The only Astracast Jordan Tap model that we stock Genuine Spare Parts for is the – Jordan Twin Lever TP0413 (see picture below)

We only stock a compatible Hot valve for the Jordan Springflow.  We do NOT stock the Cold diverter Cartridge for the Jordan Springflow.

We do not stock spare parts for any other Astracast Jordan Tap Model.

We have pictures up and advice to all our customers on the products but if you buy a part and you have a different Astracast Tap than the details listed, you can of course return once not fitted.

We would recommend that you would compare all the information to your own tap before buying any Astracast Part to avoid unnecessary expense e.g shipping charges, which would not be refunded if a part is returned.

Here below is picture of the Astracan Jordan Tap Twin Lever TP0413 which we stock genuine spare parts for

and  you can find here.
[by the way, we have more of these parts for this Tap than listed in our Store so if there is a part that you require for this Tap, just contact us. See below for detailsJordan Tap TP0413

We only stock a compatible Hot Valve for the Astracast Springflow Tap.

We do not stock any other parts for this Tap. Here below is a picture of this Tap, where we highlight some clearly identifying differences between this Tap, the Springflow, and the Jordan Twin Lever TP0413

Astracast Jordan Springflow Tap

How to Contact us :

You can use the Contact Button at the bottom of your screen or send us an email contact us .

Ideally would also send us some information on your Tap e.g pictures, and if you have removed the part, a picture of that also, together with any identifying marks eg. a stamp on the valve.

Spare Parts for current Astracast Taps (models more recently manufactured):
For most current Astracast Taps, we do not supply genuine Astracast spare parts nor do we have any technical details of any of these taps. However, we do some compatible spares for astracast (valves and cartridges) but these have only come about based on customers contacting us and sending us details of their own valve and then through trial and error we have come up with compatible valves where we can. We provide screws because our valves require an imperial screw or are needed to keep the valve in place.

Spout O Ring Kits for current Astracast Taps:

We do NOT have any Spout O Ring Kits nor would we even attempt to match as these have to be exact. If your enquiry relates to a current Astracast Tap Spout O Ring Kit, we cannot assist you.

Here below is a link to the Astracast taps that we have matched so far with compatible valve or Cartridge. If you wish to check and see if your own tap is among them (but also bear in mind that manufacturers can change parts over the years that taps are in production).

Before you consult the link, here are Astracast Taps that we DO not ANY parts for , and if your tap is one of these, then we definitely can NOT help you:

We do NOT have spare parts:
• Astracast Jordan 414
Hot Valve Only (i.e. we do NOT have the Cold Diverter Cartridge)
• Astracast Jordan Springflow (Filter ) TP0440W TP0441W Compatible Hot Valve only

Please note that as per our returns policy and terms and conditions, any unused parts can be returned for a refund

This blog link here

My Kitchen Tap is dripping….

explains the common causes for a dripping tap, including how to identify which valve is dripping (short of isolating water feeds to know conclusively).

It also includes a 7 step DIY guide to assist you in removing your own Valve. The blog details the information that we would need .

We do advise that if in DIY doubt ! consult a plumber.

Guide to Removing Kitchen Tap Handle

How to remove the handle on your Kitchen Tap

Guide to Installing New Valve

Terms & Conditions

Helpful Tips Section:
At Taps and Sinks Online we appreciate that it can be difficult to identify a Spare Part or know how to install it once you have purchased it from us. We have compiled a Helpful Tips Section of the most common queries and answers which we hope will be of use to you :

The cost of the product is clearly shown on the Part itself together with Shipping times.
Please feel free to contact our Team if you have a query that is not dealt with in this section.

How to Order:
Please Order via our Store Online.

Delivery Times:
We ship from Ireland and we use Post (for very small items e.g. o ring kits, ) and DPD for everything else. Shipping times are currently taking approx 2-3 days by DPD from date of dispatch, and can sometimes take longer by Post.

DPD Current Shipping Times & how DPD deliver:
• As per all our Shipping information on our website, we ship from Ireland
• DPD are currently taking c. 3 working days to deliver a parcel.
• DPD will text your mobile phone and email in advance of delivery. The text gives you the option of Managing your DPD delivery. This is a very useful way of giving DPD additional instructions e.g. where to leave the parcel if not in etc. DPD driver will only respond to these instructions and otherwise, if you are not in, will leave at a collection point.
• We recommend that you make the following email address a safe sender in your Mailbox
It is always a good idea to check junk mail and trash mail too , just in case.
• Tracking number : if you require this please email us.

Our Returns Policy:
We offer a 28 day return No Quibbles Policy. For more information here is the link to our Shipping / Returns Policy in our Store:

Shipping / Returns

Cancelling an Order:
This link here covers this in detail and is part of our Terms and Conditions. Some highlight points: If you wish to cancel your order we will do our best to prevent it being shipped. We cannot always guarantee that we can cancel if your order has already been sent to our warehouse for dispatch but we will do our best. For Cancellations received after an order has been dispatched, you will have to return the goods at your own expense in order to obtain a refund. We advise on our Order confirmation email, on our Dispatch email, and on our Terms and Conditions, that you must contact us prior to returning the goods. DPD : If your order has been shipped, should you decide to not accept the goods from DPD or contact DPD directly to return the goods, please note that DPD will charge us the cost of your return, which is c. €20. That is why we advise our customers to contact us if they wish to return goods so that we can advise as to the correct way to return them.
Please see ‘What is your returns policy if I don’t like the goods that I have received?” section for our policy on returns (included in Shipping and Returns Section). You will be responsible for the Good(s) until they reach us. For your own protection, we suggest you use a secure delivery method which requires a signature upon delivery such as Registered Post (Recorded Delivery).

Terms and Conditions: You will find these here

Terms & Conditions

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