Carron Phoenix Opus Tap: how to remove the spout

Q: Customer who wished to replace the O Rings in their Carron Phoenix Opus Tap but did not know how to remove the spout.

A: There is a shroud (like a large nut) at the base of your spout, take this off by turning it anticlockwise
then simply just pull the spout out, replace Opus Tap o-rings.


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  1. John Durrant May 21, 2020

    I am trying to take off a carton phoenix opus tap spout to change o rings. There are no grub or allum screws just the shroud nut. Is the spout meant to just pull out? If so it is stuck. Is there a technique for pulling it out?

  2. Peter November 2, 2016

    the shroud wont budge, to tight to turn, any ideas?
    Thank you

    • Alice November 2, 2016

      See below where I have answered your second commment, Peter.

  3. Puan April 7, 2016

    What screw driver should I use to remove the handle? Due to the placement of the hole (underside) I can’t seem find the right tool for it.

    • Tanya April 8, 2016

      Hi Andrew, the handle for the Opus Tap is removed by taking of the indicator and using a flat head screwdriver. If your Tap handle has the hole underside then you may not have an Opus Tap. If you send a picture to of your complete Tap we should be able to confirm which Tap you have. Regards Trevor.

  4. Alice October 11, 2015

    HI Andrew. do you mean removing the ‘handle’ on the hot water side ? can you clarify or explain further as the above post is about removing the ‘spout’ whereas in your query you mention the ‘hot water side’

  5. andrew lawrence October 11, 2015

    how to remove the nut from the spout from carron phenoix tap hot water side

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