Disposing the mystery of the Food Waste Disposer

Lately I was helping a lady choose a sink and tap for her new kitchen and I asked her was she putting in a Food Waste Disposer?

”A WHAT?” she said back at me. Just then I realized that not everyone has had experience with these handy little machines. So here’s a small blog to hopefully clear up some of the “mysteries” of the Food Waste Disposer world and Food Waste Disposal Units.

The description of a Food Waste Disposer in the dictionary is as follows:

“An electrically operated fitment in the plughole of a kitchen sink that breaks up food refuse so that it goes down the waste pipe” (Einstein eat your heart out !), or in simpler terms…

A Food Waste Disposer is connected to the plug hole in your sink and then plumbed to the waste pipe so you can then dispose all of your left over waste food down the sink.

Which means no more storing waste food in a bin for weeks on end until it is collected (No more lingering smells and less chance of attracting our furry little friends!!!).

This also means less food waste ending up in landfills causing greenhouse gasses – less global warming.


Well here’s a list: Veg. peels, egg shells, chicken bones, fish bones, tea bags and left over dinner waste (that doesn’t include the other half !). The only items that we recommend that you do NOT put down a food waste disposer would be anything that might wrap around the blades e.g. flower stalks, the husks of the corn.

There are two different types of Food Waste Disposers that we supply from Caron.


Carronade WD500 (1/2 horsepower) and the Carronade WD 750 + (3/4 horsepower). With these machines the food is continuously fed into the disposer, while running the tap as it operates. On/off is controlled by a separate air switch which is supplied or it can be hooked up to the mains. An air switch sends a pulse of air to the electric on/off switch preventing the risk of electric shock if your hands are wet.


This model allows you to put portions (batch’s) of waste into the disposer and is activated by a specially designed stopper. The beauty of this model is that the Waste Disposer can only be operated while the lid is in place. Pull up the lid and the waste disposer automatically stops.


Do I need a certain type of sink for a Food Waste Disposer?

Yes, the plughole (flange) in the sink must be 90mm (3 ½”). Most sinks would have these measurements, especially our sinks!!!

Can the Food Waste Disposer block easily?

No, once it is plumbed correctly and the tap is left running for at least 30 seconds after use there should be no problems.

Is there any sharp blades in the Food Waste Disposers?

No sharp blades, only grinding plates.

Is it easy to operate?

Yes. Turn on the water first, then turn on your Food Waste Disposer and start putting your waste down it. When you are finished turn off your Food Waste Disposer. Leave your water run for 30 seconds after. Hey Presto. Your food waste is gone!

Does the Food Waste Disposer have to be emptied manually?

A commonly asked question!!! No, the waste flushes through the system.

Can the Food Waste Disposer 'jam'?

Yes, but very rarely and it can be easily rectified (just contact me).

What is an airswitch?

An Airswitch is a separate ‘button’ that your plumber / Kitchen guy will install separately in your work top that is connected underneath the sink to your waste disposer. You can press this button to activate your waste disposal on / off . The advantage of using an air switch is that usually you are using your Waste Disposal Unit while washing dishes, tidying up around the sink area and your hands are likely to be wet.  Here, you can touch the air switch with wet hands.   The golden safety rule is to never touch an electrical appliance or switch of any kind if your hands are wet.

All our food waste disposal units come WITH an Airswitch.


I hope I have eased some of your minds about F.W.D.’s and you can always contact us if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


P.S. The lady I spoke about at the start of this blog purchased a Carronade WD700 and has informed me she could never again live without on!


If you would like to buy one of these sinks or  taps, or wish to take a closer look, here are the links


If you require any further information on these Food Waste Disposal units or any other product in our store, please contact us at sales@tapsandsinksonline.co.uk

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