My handle won’t fit new valves

My handle won’t fit new valves
Unfortunately we get contacted about this problem frequently.
It usually comes down

  1. to the wrong part being purchased for your Kitchen Tap i.e the correct Brand, but wrong model
  2. a compatible part of poor quality
  3. a universal part that has the wrong splines on it
  4. Plumber has had to fit a temporary part to get your Kitchen tap working again but only had a universal part with them.

We cannot emphasise enough the advantages of fitting genuine spare parts to your Tap and outline below the reasons why you should always use genuine tap parts. We appreciate that it is tempting to purchase a compatible part as they will be invariably cheaper, but sometimes that costs more in the long run.  Our parts are more expensive because we are sourcing from the manufacturer and these parts are produced in Europe / UK .

If you are now in the situation where you have a valve in your tap that is not fitting your handle you need to address this issue as soon as possible and in the meantime try and avoid using the tap handle in question (can you even turn on / off the water using an adjustable spanner ?
Every time you turn on / off water using a handle that is not fitting correctly with the replacement valve you are risking ruining the inside of your handle and then might be faced with having to replace the handle as well as the correct part.

Contact us as soon as you have this issue with details of your own Tap, the original part, if you have it, and we will assist you in either replacing the valve with the correct part to match to your existing handle, or in the worst scenario, assisting you in replacing both Handle and Valve to have a working Tap again. See our contact details below.

We stock a wide range of Genuine Spare Parts which we list by Brand Alphabetically here. and we also have a Spare Parts section that lists the valves and handles. All our Handles are genuine and sourced from the manufacturers of the Taps in question. You will find our Spare Parts Section categorized by Part type here.

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Why you should always use genuine tap parts:
1. Quality assurance: Genuine tap parts are made to the highest standards of quality and durability. They are designed to fit perfectly with your tap and ensure optimal performance. Using generic parts can lead to compatibility issues, leaks, and other problems that can compromise the functionality of your tap. We supply Genuine Spare Parts to fix your Kitchen Tap.  There are about 5 models of Taps on our website for which we do Compatible Parts and this is clearly stated e.g Cooke and Lewis.

2. Warranty protection: Many tap manufacturers offer warranties on their products, but these warranties may be voided if you use non-genuine parts. By using genuine tap parts, you can ensure that your tap remains covered under warranty and that any issues that arise will be addressed by the manufacturer.

3. Safety and reliability: Tap parts are designed to regulate the flow and temperature of water, which can affect the safety and reliability of your tap. Genuine tap parts are tested and certified to meet safety standards, ensuring that your tap is functioning properly and that you and your family are protected.

4. Tap modifications over years of production :  A compatible part manufacturer cannot possibly know internal modifications of a Tap and what the manufacturer recommends to fit as a result.  We specifically supply certain valves, rather than a ‘current’ valve,  for some Taps, to cover all the modifications to that Tap . That means that you, the customer, if you have an Older Tap, do not have to worry about whethr or not the Valve you have bought is actually suitable for your Tap.

5. Customer support: Tap manufacturers often provide customer support and technical assistance to help you with any issues you may encounter. By using genuine tap parts, you can take advantage of this support and ensure that you are getting the best possible service.

In conclusion, using genuine tap parts is a smart investment that can offer several benefits. From quality assurance and warranty protection to safety and reliability, genuine tap parts are designed to ensure optimal performance and longevity. So the next time you need to repair or replace parts in your Franke Tap, consider using genuine parts from the manufacturer and this is what you will find here on our Website / Spare Tap Parts by Brand


Remember, you can contact us at any time using email or the Contact Button on the bottom left hand side on this page.  If you are unsure please email any pictures you have e.g Tap picture, together with any other relevant information e.g approx when you got your Tap (there are some  Kitchen Taps that were modified during the years of production and parts might have changed or you might need a valve with a larger seal and we can advise you on all of this.  If you know your Tap then all this relevant information will be already up on the Tap Part (and all our Parts are listed by Brand and by Model alphabetically and have pictures).  If you see your Kitchen Tap up on our website, but not the Part you require, please contact us as we don’t have every Genuine  Part up yet on our store.



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