Tips on choosing a Kitchen Tap where you have low water pressure

Low Water Pressure?I had a query from one of our customers. They are changing their Kitchen Tap and they have low water pressure on their hot water side. What are their options?

1. Combi Boiler System

Advantage: equalises the water pressure
Disadvantage: cost if you don’t need a new boiler!

2. Install a pump system

Advantage: You can choose any tap that you want
Disadvantage: There is the cost of pump system & installation and there is the noise of pump system when in operation (we have one though and you get used to the noise)

3. Twist Turn Valves


The simplest option is to choose a Kitchen Tap that is specifically suitable to your low pressure system.

Kitchen Taps that have a twist turn valve (compression valve) inside them are more suitable for low water pressure systems.

The next best valve option is a quarter turn valve system e.g. a two lever Kitchen Tap The least effective option is a single lever Kitchen Tap which has a single lever cartridge, because it can further reduce the pressure on the hot side.

Advantage: cheaper than the other options listed above.
Disadvantage: you are more limited in the range of taps that you can choose from.

Examples of taps that have a twist turn valve (compression valve):

If you have any further queries regarding water pressure and Kitchen Taps just email us on, we are more than happy to help!

Happy choosing!


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