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Clearwater Baroc Bridge Tap Handle

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Spare Clearwater Baroc Bridge Tap is the replacement handle for Clearwater Baroc Bridge Tap and goes with the Current Clearwater Baroc Bridge Tap Valve 3656R. Please read below before ordering as this part has changed since this Tap was first manufactured and if you have the earlier version, then you will need to purchase a new valve to fit this handle.


Clearwater Baroc Bridge Tap Handle

Spare Clearwater Baroc Bridge Tap Handle 3655R (Now know as 3715R)  available in three different finishes.


This is a different handle from code 1300R and also, confusingly, there was a transition period when the old handle was also called 3655R as well.

1300R 3655R Handle with Logo

1300R 3655R Handle with Logo, now Discontinued. Will need new handle 3715R

To put it simply : the handle here will ONLY fit the current valve as depicted in the image below ‘New 3656R’.  The main differences between the old valve (which this handle here will not fit) and the current valve is that the current valve has thinner splines (even though 24 splines as old valve) and the nut on the current valve is stepped, whereas the old valve , the nut is different.   Please compare Your own Valve to the image of the valves below.   If you need a new handle and have the old version of the valve i.e. the valve in the left of the picture called ‘discontinued 1301R/3656R), , then you would need to purchase a new valve to go with the new handle.

Current 3656R SP3656 V Old 3565r 1301R Valve

Current 3656R SP3656 V Old 3565r 1301R Valve

This is a Genuine Spare Part.

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