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Lamona Garda Water Filter Tap1130 Valve and Cartridge

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Lamona Garda Water Filter Tap Valve and Cartridge for Tap 1130. If you have a Non Filter Lamona Garda Tap3521, you need to go here for the Cold Valve.

The  Hot side takes a 4276R valve. This is the 3561R with a White seal.  We supply the White Seal as this Tap was modified over the years in production. 28 spline Valve (Clockwise) and the Cold Side is operated by a Diverter Cartridge 3466R for both Mains Cold and Filtered Cold.  If you want to order a pair you need to order both. please read carefully all the information below before ordering in case you have a really old Garda Tap with 20 spline valve or that you require a brass bush.

Here is our Guide 7 Easy Steps to replace Kitchen Tap Valve. If your Tap is dripping where the Spout meets the Base you might need to replace your O Ring Kit.

See below for more information.


Lamona Garda Water Filter Tap Valve and Cartridge

In some very rare instances we have come across an old Garda Tap with hot 20 spline valve / 50mm tall , stamped San Marco Valve. You can remove your own handle and check the splines before ordering to eliminate ordering the wrong valve. In 99% of the Garda, it is the 28 spline valve. There are images below showing the 20 spline and the 28 splines. If you need to order the 20 spline valve hot side, this is old 1212R Valve and you can order this here. If your diverter cartridge has 20 splines please contact us with pictures of Tap and part to assist you.


All the information below is on the basis that you have the 28 splined version and the only issue you have to then consider is which Hot valve to order and whether you also need a bush for the Hot Valve.

The Cold side is simply the 3466R.
Diverter Cartridge 3466R for the Cold Filtered and Mains Cold: Splines 28, Diameter of thread 29mm, Height 52mm Brass to Brass.

3466R Diverter 28 Splines

3466R Diverter 28 Splines


Lamona Garda Tap Valve Details (Hot side)

Originally a two threaded Hot valve, 4276R, was used in this Tap.  It was later changed to the one threaded 3547R.

Sometimes when you remove the Hot Valve (be it the 4276R OR the 3547R, the bush 3868R might be stuck to it).
We have below lots of images to assist you in identifying which Hot Valve you have, and whether the Bush is stuck to your Valve or not.

4276R Hot Valve Splines: 28, Overall height: 53mm, Diameter at thread: 21mm – Two threaded
3547R Hot Valve Splines: 28, Overall height: 53mm, Diameter at thread: 21mm – One threaded

4276R Valve CO aka Hot

4276R Valve CO aka Hot

SMR 3547R H

SMR 3547R Valve , Hot shown here.


If in doubt, just order the 4276R as its got the larger white seal underneath and will fit perfectly in your Tap even if, when you remove your own valve, its the later 3547R valve with one thread. It would be our preferred replacement valve.

NB Please look at pictures of Valve shown with and without the Brass Bush attached before purchase. The Brass Bush is sold as a separate item as it is not always needed.

It can be a common enough problem that when you remove your Lamona Garda Water Filter Tap Valve for Hot Water Side it looks different than the Valve in the picture (or the Valve that you purchased from us). It is most likely because the brass bush is still attached.  If the Lamona Garda Water Hot Valve is stuck inside the Brass Bush then you will have to separate them OR buy a Brass Bush as well.

Here is the same Lamona Garda Water Hot Valve stuck inside the Brass Bush

4276R valve and brass bush separate

4276R valve and brass bush separate – Cold valve shown here.

OLD 3547R Hot Valve inside Bush 3868R

Old 3547R One threaded Hot Valve inside Bush 3868R

4276R valve with brass bush 3868r attached

For tips on how to separate a Valve from a Brass Bush, see here.

Detailed Shipping / Returns information can be found here.
In Brief:
- Small items only by Post: £3.50 Can take currently up 7-10 working days.
- Courier Delivery DPD Track & Trace: £5.50 Usually takes c. 2-3 working days.
- BREXIT: No additional charges on delivery once your Order before shipping charges is less than £135.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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