What does a ‘reversible’ Sink mean?

What does a  Reversible Sink mean? 

It means that there is a tap hole on both sides of the sink so that you can pick which side you want the drainer on, and included in the fittings is a round disc (known as a ‘blank’ with the Carron Phoenix Logo on it) that covers the unused Tap Hole.  If a sink is ‘handed’ this means that you have to decide before purchasing whether you want the drainer on the right hand (right handed sink) or on the left hand (a left handed sink) and the sink comes with only one tap hole.


Example of a Reversible Sink : The Adelphi.

Example of a Handed Sink: The Isis (only one tap hole and you choose if you want the Isis in a Left hand or a Right hand version).

Note: the ‘HAND’ always refers to the side the drainer goes on.

Handed undermounted sinks where there is no actual drainer :

In an undermount sink, where the drainer is etched into the worktop, and your sink is a 1..5 bowl (i.e. one and a half bowl undermounted sink) then if buying a ‘handed’ undermount sink, you still buy the hand based on which side the drainer is going to go on . So in a right hand undermount sink, the half bowl will be on your ‘right’ of the main (larger) bowl.

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