My Franke Tap is dripping

nIf you have a Franke tap that is leaking, dripping, or not functioning properly, it may be time to replace some of its parts. While it can be tempting to use generic parts, using Genuine Franke tap parts can ensure that your tap is functioning properly and that it lasts for years to come. Here’s how to fix your Franke tap with genuine Franke tap parts:

1. Identify the problem:

Before you can fix your tap, you need to identify the problem, and here are the most common faults :

  • Is your Franke Tap dripping from the tip of the spout (aerator end) or Handle?  Answer : You need to replace your Valves / Cartridges depending on the model type.
    Franke Ascona Tap dripping from Spout

    Franke Ascona Tap dripping from Spout

    Franke Ascona Tap dripping from handle
  • Or is it seeping water from where the spout fits into the base of the tap? Answer : You need to replace your Spout O Rings or the entire spout.
    Franke Ascona Tap Dripping at the Base

    Franke Ascona Tap Dripping at the Base

  • Here is our simple DIY Guide that explains in more details how the various parts work: My Kitchen Tap is dripping

2. Identify your Franke Model in order to purchase genuine Franke tap parts from us:

Here is our Guide ‘How do I know what Franke Model I have ?’ to help you purchase the correct parts as we have our Franke Tap Parts laid out by Model alphabetically, including pictures.

Genuine Franke Tap Spares by Model Listed Alphabetically

Genuine Franke Tap Spares by Model Listed Alphabetically

We sell from the smallest Grub screw, to Valves, Cartridges, O Ring Kits, Spouts & Handles.

When you purchase Franke Tap Spares from us you can email us after you have bought it for further advice.

Troubleshooting guides and DIY guides to fit all the Franke Tap Spares are linked to the parts online.

We also have a Help Section here for the most common queries.

If you contact us before buying, we will advise you on the correct part for your Tap. That way, if you are calling in a Plumber to fix your Tap, all the correct parts will be there for the Plumber to fix your Tap.

3.Turn off the water supply:

Before you begin any repairs, turn off the water supply to your tap. This will prevent any water from flowing while you work on the tap.

4. Disassemble the tap using our DIY Guides on the part you purchased.

We have guides up on every product you buy so that you can access the specific guide you require to do the task in hand .

Our other piece of general advice is to always use the correct size allen key or screwdriver (depending on how your Tap Handle is fixed to your Tap ) to remove the handle and any other parts that need to be replaced.  We have had customers ruin handles because they used the wrong sized allen key to loosen a handle grub screw. Again, we advise the correct size allen key needed for each task with a link to buy from us.

Be careful not to damage any of the parts as you remove them.  Lay them on a clean towel to prevent any scratches.

5. Replace the parts with your new Genuine Franke Parts :

Once you have removed the old parts, replace them with the genuine Franke tap parts. Make sure they are installed correctly and securely.

6. Reassemble the tap:

Once you have replaced the parts, reassemble the tap in the reverse order that you disassembled it. Make sure everything is tightened and secure.

7.Turn on the water supply:

Once you have reassembled the tap, turn on the water supply and test the tap to make sure it is functioning properly. Check for leaks, drips, and proper water pressure.


Remember, you can contact us at any time using email or the Contact Button on the bottom left hand side on this page.  You can email any pictures you have e.g Tap picture, together with any other relevant information e.g approx when you got your Tap (there are some Franke Taps that were modified during the years of production and parts might have changed or you might need a valve with a larger seal and we can advise you on all of this.  If you see your Franke Tap up on our website, but not the Part you require, please contact us as we don’t have every Genuine Franke Part up yet on our store.

Franke Taps Spare Parts

Genuine Franke Taps Spare Parts

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