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Carron Phoenix Cruciform Tap O Ring Kit 1239R

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Carron Phoenix Cruciform Tap O Ring Kit 1239R

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Carron Phoenix Cruciform Tap O Ring Kit 1239R

This Carron Phoenix Cruciform Tap O Ring Kit contains  contains 2 black seal O Rings & 1 White Ring.

O Rings
If your Tap is leaking at the joint of the body of the tap and the spout then you might need to replace your O-rings. See our Guide here.


Please note that if you have a pinhole in your spout, replacing the O Ring Kit will not fix this. You will need to replace the Spout. That is why we always recommend that you actually check your spout before ordering new O Rings in case it is the spout itself that is the issue rather than just the o rings at the base of the spout e.g a pinhole. Here is our guide to Spout removal and below is an example of a pinhole. If you think that you have a pinhole, and do not know what Spout you need, you can check here to see most of our Spouts by Part number, or email us sales@tapsandsinksonline.co.uk [or use the contact button] a picture of your own Tap with any details you know e.g Model, Brand etc.

Example Pinhole in Spout

Example Pinhole in Spout

Note when changing the O Ring Kit : Usually only the black O Rings need to be replaced on your Spout unless one of the white O rings is broken. Again, some White O Rings have an intentional split in them as they might be used in some spouts that require a grub screw so an intentional split in the ring does not mean it is broken. Your new O Ring Kit might have surplus O Rings that may not be required for your particular Spout as some O Ring Kits had an additional smaller ring added in later years for stability.


Our Sales Team is available for excellent after sales service. We have been supplying Kitchen Taps for over 30 years and accordingly can troubleshoot any issue with a Kitchen Tap. The most effective way to maintain your Kitchen Tap is to fix any issue as it arises. If you ignore a drip it can affect the inner workings of your Tap. It might result in the drip being beyond repair. Often Plumbers advise to replace the Tap. They do this because customers purchase the wrong part or the exact part is hard to source. But not if you contact us. If you contact us before buying, we will advise you on the correct part for your Tap. That way, if you are calling in a Plumber to fix your Tap, all the correct parts will be there for the Plumber to fix your Tap.

This is a Genuine Spare Part.

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This is a Genuine Spare Part.


Trouble Shooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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