Replacing Franke Eiger O Ring Kit SP2300 on Spout

Replacing Franke Eiger O Ring Kit

Replacing Franke Eiger Tap O Rings

Replacing Franke Eiger Tap O Rings

Franke Eiger Tap O Ring Kit

Franke Eiger Tap O Ring Kit

  • You will need a 2.5mm allen key which you can purchase here if you can’t source locally. It is very important to use the correct size allen key because if you round off the grub screw it might be difficult to remove after.
  • Here is our blog How to change a Kitchen Tap O Ring Kit for step by step guide to Replacing Franke Eiger O Ring Kit SP2300 on Spout and please read below regarding Pinholes.
Question from Customer:

I recently purchased an O Ring Kit from you for a Franke Eiger Tap. I have replaced the washers but I cannot get the grub screw to go back in. The split in the large washer I have positioned in line with the hole for the screw but it won’t locate. Any tips please?


  1. Are you using the new grub screw you got with the o-ring kit?
  2. Does your Allen key fit into this properly?
  3. You have to get the screw and split in the white ring lined up exactly to work.
  4. Make sure you have pushed your spout fully down into the body of the Tap.
Customer's Eiger Tap Spout 2299R showing O Ring Detail

Customer’s Eiger Tap Spout 2299R showing O Ring Detail

Links to other Eiger Parts:

Here is the Franke Installation Guide which also lists all the Franke Eiger Spare Parts.

Frank Eiger Installation Guide


  • We always recommend that you should check your own Spout before ordering a new set of O Rings.
  • The reason for doing this is because if you have a pinhole in your spout (see example below of a pinhole) then replacing the O Ring Kit will not fix this.
  • If you have a pinhole you will need to replace the entire Spout'
  • Here is our Guide : How to remove Kitchen Tap Spout so that you can check for pinholes.
  • If you think that you have a pinhole, and do not know what Spout you need, then contact us us with the details of your Tap e.g a picture, together with any other information that you know e.g the Brand might be marked on the Tap, so that we can send you a link to the correct Spout that you require.
  • Here is the example of a pinhole in a Spout.
    Example Pinhole in Spout

    Example Pinhole in Spout

Tip when changing the O Ring Kit :

  • Usually only the black O Rings need to be replaced on your Spout unless one of the white O rings is broken.
  • Some White O Rings have an intentional split in them as they might be used in some spouts that require a grub screw so an intentional split in the ring does not mean it is broken.
  • Your new O Ring Kit might have surplus O Rings that may not be required for your particular Spout as some O Ring Kits had an additional smaller ring added in later years for stability.
  • You can add Plumbers Grease to aid the movement or washing up liquid. Do not use anything like vaseline that will cause rubber to perish.

This is a Genuine Spare Part.

Detailed Shipping / Returns information can be found here.
In Brief:
- Small items only by Post: £3.50 Can take currently up 7-10 working days.
- Courier Delivery DPD Track & Trace: £5.50 Usually takes c. 2-3 working days.
- BREXIT: No additional charges on delivery once your Order before shipping charges is less than £135.

After Sales Service

  • Our Sales Team is available for excellent after sales service.
  • We have been supplying Kitchen Taps for over 30 years and accordingly can troubleshoot any issue with a Kitchen Tap.
  • The most effective way to maintain your Kitchen Tap is to fix any issue as it arises.
  • Often Plumbers advise replacing an entire Tap when a replacement part can fix the drip. They do this  because customers purchase the wrong part or the exact part is hard to source. If you contact us before buying, we will advise you on the correct part for your Tap. That way, if you are calling in a Plumber to fix your Tap, all the correct parts will be there for the Plumber to fix your Tap.

If you wish to fix the Tap yourself we provide DIY Guides on all our Franke Tap Spares to assist you.  Here below are the most commonly used guides :

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