Can I change my sink plug ?

Customers frequently ask us this question.

Yes, is the simple answer, but ONLY if

  1. you also replace the waste cup that the plug fits in to and
  2. you purchase a cup waste and plug of the same size as your own current setup and
  3. you have a plumber install it to prevent leaks.

Sink Plugs are NOT universal

  1. Most UK and sinks come with a 90mm waste outlet but there are also sink brands available in the UK that do not come with standard size wastes.
  2. Some sinks, especially ceramic sinks, require specific wastes designed for the thickness of the ceramic.
  3. Plugs and cups are designed to fit together to seal in the water in your sink.
  4. The waste kit includes a cup  (the part that the plug fits into) and a plug.
.106 Cup and Plug

Cup and Plug [.106 Code]

If you want to change your plug, simply buy a new cup and plug of similar size and swap them.

Other considerations before you change your sink plug :

  • Consider how the cup connects to the pipes and overflow ?  The overflow is the hole at the back or side of your sink for excess water drainage.
  • Determine if you have a one bowl or two bowl sink ? Some two bowl sinks don’t have overflows and use the second sink as the ‘overflow’.
  • For safety consider purchasing a cup and a plug with overflow outlet on the cup that can be capped off if not needed .
Cup and plug with overflow outlet

    Cup and plug with overflow
Overflow Outlet on Cup

Overflow Outlet on Cup

We offer Carron Phoenix Sink  Cup & Plugs including spare plugs for all our stocked sink cups and plugs.

Once you know the plug you’ve purchased, you can buy the plug separately in the future.

In conclusion, you can change your sink plug, but don’t rush to buy the cheapest one available as it may not fit. Do some research beforehand to ensure you get the right plug – be it pop-up or traditional pull-out – that doesn’t leak.

Need more help ?:

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