Franke Eiger Tap Dripping

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Eiger Tap 115.0049.989 Chrome
Eiger Tap 115.0049.990 SilkSteel
Note:  Here, and also at the end of this blog are links to all the Spare Parts referred to throughout the Blog for ease of reviewing / purchasing.

Here are the 3 main causes as to why your Franke Eiger Tap dripping :

1. Franke Eiger Tap dripping from the Spout

If your Franke Eiger Tap is dripping from the spout then it is most likely that you need to change the valves (one or both), and / or the brass bush ring, (but usually its just the valve) hot or cold.  This Blog Post How to tell which Valve needs replacing : Hot or Cold? might help

2. Franke Eiger Tap dripping where Spout meets Base

If your Franke Eiger Tap is dripping where the spout meets the base then it is most likely that you need to replace the O Rings.

3. Franke Eiger Tap leaking from the handle:

The valve may need tightening or replacing. Here is our Guide How to remove the Handle on your Kitchen Tap.

When you remove the handle your Tap will look like this :

Franke Eiger Tap Hot Handle removed

Franke Eiger Tap Hot Handle removed. Next Step is to unscrew the valve cover to access the valve

If the valve bush comes out with the valve, order a new set of valve and valve-bush.

If you have replaced the valve just remember that new valves can take a few days for the rubber washer to “be bed down”. Tighten the valve and if leak continues after tightening please contact us on


Valve Details:

Please note when buying the Valves that the Hot and Cold valves are NOT interchangeable.

Here are the measurements of the Valve that we stock 1427R / 3561R:
133.0194.088 Hot valve SP3561-H
133.0194.089 Cold valve SP3561-C

    • Length of Valve from top to bottom (brass) 53mm
    • Diameter at thread: 21mm
    • Number of splines: 28
    • Nut (below splines) Height: 8mm

* all ‘mm’ measurements are rounded to the nearest mm.

There are two sets of threads, one above the Black Rubber O Ring and one set below.

Franke Olympus Tap Valve 1427R Blueprint

Franke Olympus Tap Valve 1427R Blueprint


Brass Bush still attached to Valve:

If your valve appears to be wider than ours but all measurements tally except diameter, just make sure that you have removed the brass bush. For more information on removing the brass bush, see here.

Brass Bush 3868R (SP3868)

Brass Bush 3868R (SP3868)

If your own Valve looks like this image below, then you need to order the SP3561 plus Brass Bush SP3868

3561R Valve surrounded by Brass Bush 3868R

3561R Valve surrounded by Brass Bush 3868R


O Ring Details:

Franke Eiger Tap O Rings 2300R 133.0069.156 ‘O’ ring kit SP2300


See here for all our Franke Eiger Spare Parts (Valves, Brass Bush, O Rings, Handles, Spouts and Aerator).
For common Kitchen Tap problems, see our Kitchen Taps Troubleshooting Guide here.

If you wish to fix the Tap yourself we provide DIY Guides on all our Franke Tap Spares to assist you.

  • Valve: Tap dripping from the Spout ? Guide to changing Valve here.
  • Brass Bush: Part surrounding the valve. More info here.
  • O Rings: Tap dripping where the spout meets the base of the Tap? Guide here.
  • Aerator: Found at the tip of the spout. Guide to removing an Aerator is here. Here is our Guide

We supply the full range of Genuine Franke Tap spares across the UK.
vOur Blog / Plumbing Guides section here includes tips e.g. how to remove a valve. Follow the links below.

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  1. Micky Cole February 1, 2020

    I have a 6 year old Cooke & Lewis front leaver mixer tap it’s dripping from the spout unfortunately B&Q no longer stock this tap & I am desperate to get the rubber washer needed to stop the leaking as my wife is disabled and it’s driving her mad please if you don’t stock simple things like washers could you please recommend somebody who does. Thanks in anticipation Micky.

    • Alice February 1, 2020

      HI Micky, I would need some details of which Tap you have so can you email me a picture of your tap to and we will do our best to assist you.


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