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Abode Decadence Kitchen Tap Valve



Abode Decadence Kitchen Tap Valve 3794R is a quarter turn Tap Valves. If your Tap is dripping from the Spout then you might need to change your Valves.  Here is our Guide 7 Easy Steps to replace Kitchen Tap Valve.
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Abode Decadence Kitchen Tap Valve 

Measurements: Height 38mm Diameter at thread:20mm, Splines:28, Nut Height: 9mm

The Hot and Cold Abode Decadence Tap Valve have the same part number but cold opens anti clockwise and the hot opens clockwise so you have to order the Hot for the hot side, and the cold for the cold side .

The manufacturer of the Abode Decadence Kitchen Tap has switched from a Valve with two flat sides on the nut to a slightly different looking valve that has six sides on the nut.  Either Valve will work in your Abode Decadence Kitchen Tap.

abode decadence kitchen tap valve old and new

Abode Decadence Kitchen Tap Vlve old and new


If your Tap is dripping where the Spout meets the Base you might need to replace your O Ring Kit .

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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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