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Lamona Garda Tap3524 Pull-out Valve

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Lamona Garda Tap3524 Pull-out Valve. If your  Lamona Garda Tap3521 Tap is dripping from the Spout then you might need to change your Valves.  Here is our Guide 7 Easy Steps to replace Kitchen Tap Valve.
Colours on the valve parts refer to the colour of the seal underneath as we also supply same valve with a white seal for older taps. If your tap predates 2014 you should purchase the white seal option (4276R)



Lamona Garda Tap3524 Pull-out Valve

Nut Height: 8, Splines: 28, Overall height: 53mm, Diameter at thread: 21mm


Due to modifications in this Tap by the manufacturer over the years, we supply the original white sealed version of this valve (larger seal underneath). We use code 4276R to distinguish from later valve used in the Tap which has a coloured flatter seal. This is a genuine Spare Part. Parts are labelled Hot & Cold. If opened and you cannot tell apart, as both Hot & Cold Valves have white seals underneath: the Hot valve opens Clockwise and has nicks on the side of the nut. The Cold Valve opens Anticlockwise and has no nicks.


Useful Tip

It can be a common enough problem that when you remove your  Valve it looks different than the valve in the picture. It is most likely because the brass bush is still attached.

For tips on how to separate a Valve from a Brass Bush, see here.

If the Valve is stuck inside the Brass Bush then you will have to separate them OR buy a Brass Bush as well . See link at bottom of product. It is one bush per valve.

3561R Valve surrounded by Brass Bush 3868R

3561R Valve surrounded by Brass Bush 3868R


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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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