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Franke Wave Tap Valve



Franke Tap Valve SP3794 is a quarter turn Tap Valve (Hot or Cold).  The lever is a 2.5mm grub screw .
See below for more information on product codes and measurements.



Franke Wave Tap Valve

The Hot and Cold Valve are not interchangeable as Hot opens clockwise and Cold other opens anti-clockwise.
Replace if your Tap is dripping from the Spout. Here is our Guide: 7 easy steps to replace Kitchen Tap Valve.
If your Tap is dripping where the Spout meets the Base then you might need to replace your  Franke Tap O Ring Kit.
Here is the link to all our Franke Kitchen Tap Spare Parts.

old 3308R v new 3794R TAPS AND SINKS

New SP3794 (3308R) compared with Old SP3308 (3308R)

If you have the earlier version SP3308, then you might need the removal tool. This example here below, the wrong tool has been used so the flat sides of the valve have become a little rounded.

Example of 3308R Valve in Situ in Tap

Example of 3308R Valve in Situ in Tap

The Removal Tool does NOT fit the replacement Valve SP3794.

Example of 3794r valve in Tap

Example of 3794r valve in Tap (see 6 sides)

The simplest way to establish whether you need this Tool or not, is to remove your own Handle and check the valve that it is your Tap.

Valve Removal Tool 4013R

Valve Removal Tool 4013R

The Franke Tap Valve SP3794

Measurements: Splines: 28 / Nut Height: 9mm

Detailed Shipping / Returns information can be found here.
In Brief:
- Small items only by Post: £2/£3
- Courier Delivery DPD Track & Trace: £5
- BREXIT: No additional charges on delivery once your Order before shipping charges is less than £135.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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